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Private Corporate Event Venues

Dive into creative brainstorming, show appreciation for employees, or build communication skills with

a corporate event at Zinntopia, located just a half-hour outside Seattle. This corporate event venue’s

proximity to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport makes the location convenient for out-of-town employees and executives.



Large windows throughout the house let in natural light, and the scenic views provide a majestic environment fit for top executives. Your group can spread out throughout our Seattle venue rental’s 5000-square-foot house for breakout sessions, or everyone can gather in one of the finely-furnished living spaces.


During downtime, enjoy our corporate event venue’s spacious patio areas or stroll through the meadow to clear your mind before jumping back into work. Utilize the expansive gourmet kitchen to prepare meals for your team or take advantage of the catering services. Outdoor games for some fum team building and office Olympics.


One guest who used Zinntopia for a company retreat said, “I will definitely be using this home again in the future. It helped me create an atmosphere that was conducive to learning, sharing, and empowering all of us.”


Zinntopia’s corporate event venue is conveniently located just 30 minutes outside Seattle, Washington, yet it has breathtaking views of the Cascade Mountains and features five acres of natural paradise. The home features a fully equipped kitchen, spacious living areas, and sleeping accommodations for up to 30 people, and tranquil outdoor seating is available for viewing wildlife. These amenities make Zinntopia a unique location to host a large group.

You Dream it we can make it happen, send us your idea for a quote.


Fees are based on Event Size and number of days. We can arrange to have an onsite attendant ready to accept your delivery and scheduled pick up of your equipment rental.

Zinntopia has been used by several companies for meetings and other events. Previous groups have used the space for:


Executive & Corporate Retreats  |  Sales Meetings  |  Company Parties 

Office Olympics  |  Strategy Sessions  |  Team Building

Here are just a FEW ways that YOUR COMPANY can use the Zinntopia Estate

Company Backyard BBQ  


Zinntopia is a vacation for the senses, a place to relax, and a perfect venue for your company picnic. Come and enjoy time with your crew while they enjoy the view, the food, and the opportunity to grow together as a team. Take an afternoon and evening for a long weekend. Oh, and we can connect you with some fabulous BBQ. 

Leadership Meet & Greet  

Bringing on new talent? Want a chance for your staff to get to know these new additions to your leadership team? Why not do so out of the office. Your team will benefit from a more personal environment...and you can impress upon your new talent the investment you are willing to make in the success of their future relationships with you team. 

Awards Ceremony  


Tired of handing out recognition in your conference room or in a local hotel meeting space or restaurant? Make your award recipients really feel the recognition by scheduling your upcoming Awards Ceremony with us. We make sure that your entire team are treated like VIP's, and we have a wealth of creative ideas in how you can make this event as memorable ​as possible. 

Executive Accommodations  

When you have the opportunity to host travelling executives, whether they be from your company or from a company with whom you are doing business, you can make a much more significant impression by choosing a property that isn't something they could find elsewhere. Zinntopia's venue rental in Seattle has accommodations that are all of that and more. Book today!

Ground Breaking Ceremony  

Separate yourself from the norm. Help people understand just how serious and passionate you are about your growing enterprise. You bring your team and your business community, we will bring the dirt from your site, provide the shovels, and have a celebration prepared for you that won't soon be forgotten. ​

Mix & Mingle 

Zinntopia offers visitors so many unique options that can be added to any event. However, just our location itself can be the unique that you are looking for. Want to host a simple cocktail hour with hors d'oeuvres? Want to have live music? Want to include some fun activities to extend your event? Whether a simple gathering or a produced event, we have you covered. 

Company Anniversary  


Important milestones warrant significant celebration. By hosting your event at Zinntopia, you immediately raise the bar for such an event and highlight to your staff, to your leadership team, and to your business community just how significant this milestone really is. ​Don't minimize these achievements. Let Zinntopia help you celebrate in style!

Company Kickoff 

Are you a brand-new company? Have you done your due diligence and are ready for lift off? Do you want to make a statement as you get set to open your doors? Introduce your new endeavor by hosting your Company Kickoff at Zinntopia. Establish new business relationships. Reinforce the current. Paint a picture of the kind of company you intend to be.  

Retirement Party  


Zinntopia's scenic experience is and exceptional backdrop to honor someone turning the page in their life and launching into retirement. If the family it hosting, if the company is hosting, if you want to keep it a surprise, Zinntopia has great options and an exceptional concierge team to help you pull of a fantastic event. 

Strategy Retreat 

We all know the value of "getting out of the office" when it's time to flesh out an idea with your team. We also know how easy it is to end up in a venue that promotes less creativity than your vibrant office. Make Zinntopia your destination for high-level strategy and the incubation of fresh ideas from your team. Give them the best space, they will do the rest!



Training isn't just wise use of resources, it truly is an investment in to your team. If you have a course that can be valuable to your people, host it at Zinntopia. If you need help in selecting a workshop FOR your team, contact Zinntopia. If you want to couple your workshop with a fantastic dinner, a party with live entertainment, contact...well, you get the idea.

Launch Parties 

Zinntopia loves to be a part of new ideas. We have outlined all kinds of ways that you can celebrate your company with our Seattle venue rental. Another way is to publicly introduce your new service offering, your new product or product line, your new concept....AT Zinntopia. Bring the media. Bring key participants. Make it unforgettable. 

Company Retreats Get People Focused!
Research has shown time and again that taking healthy breaks and vacation actually boosts overall productivity. Being in a new space that is solely dedicated to a certain project or task will help your company gain more focus. 
Hourly Off-Site Event Space available. Contact us for Quote. 

Zinntopia is right in your backyard -Suburb of Seattle-


We are located approximately 30 minutes from Microsoft, Boeing, and Amazon.  Less than an hour to Seatac and Stevens Ski resort.


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Conveniently located just 30 minutes from Seattle in the quaint suburb of Monroe, WA, 98272.


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