Take your group somewhere special,

       keep them talking and leave a lasting impression... 

Rent Zinntopia for your next Retreat, something spectacular

right in Seattle's backyard 


Zinntopia Private Estate is a stunning Group Retreat Location & Perfect for Group accommodations located near amazing Venues.  

Zinntopia offers the perfect group retreat location. Our Seattle retreat rental is surrounded by breathtaking natural views, right there in the front yard. Set on a sprawling 5-acre lot, you decide the venue.  Full service is available to enhance your personal or company retreat location experience; from Catering to Transportation and everything in between, just ask!

Traveling Youth Sports teams listen up! We have great group accommodations for Parents & Kids with plenty of room to run off excess energy.

Located just minutes from Evergreen State Fair Grounds, where there are various events year-round. Shows and Competitions including Equestrian, Auto, Demos, Trade Shows and of course the home of Western Washington’s Evergreen State Fair. 


Zinntopia...THE IDEAL VENUE for so many RETREAT 


Stretch your body, relax your mind, soak in the expansive nature surrounding Zinntopia. We have a variety of Seattle group retreat locations across the campus that are well-suited to a Yoga Retreat. Why not experience the enhanced relaxation we have to offer? ​

Girl's Only Weekend

We have luxury accommodations, sure. But they are still well-suited for a slumber party. Grab your girls and head to Zinntopia. We can connect you with all kinds of local activities, pampering, and all-around decadence...because, well, why NOT?!

Wine-Tasting Get Away

Yes, we said it, WINE. Why not take your more casual meeting somewhere you can meet, eat, and try great wine? Companies are really doing this, and you can too, Zinntopia is within minutes of many wineries located in Woodinville, WA.


Stop trying to find a venue that is spacious enough, close enough, family and pet-friendly, enough and creative enough for you and your friends to hang out together on vacation. You've found it at Zinntopia. 

Zen Star Watching

Look up to the heavens. They are speaking to you. ​They are saying, "Come and look at us in a place that is free from urban light pollution. Come see us in the brightness and intensity we want to be seen in. Come see us from the view at Zinntopia." 

New Parent's Retreat

Get away to our Seattle retreat center to expand your knowledge and share your experiences with other new parents. Schedule your group with Zinntopia or contact us about facilitating it for you. Valuable info, great places to meet, grounds to walk and discuss, and an unforgettable view. 

High-School or College Mini-Reunion

Reunions. Everyone's favorite thing, right? Ok, why not contact the friends you actually WANT to spend time with and move your Mini Reunion to Zinntopia. Spend time reminiscing about the good times, the awkward moments​, just no lockers to get stuffed in to.

Spiritual Immersion

Zinntopia is clearly tailor-made for individuals and groups to immerse in things that matter most. Men’s groups, women’s group, married, singles, leadership, fathers, mothers, Church staff, divorce recovery, small-groups...all will find an unmatched solitude and focus at Zinntopia.


Zinntopia...A FANTASTIC PLACE for your Travelling Young People

ATTENTION! Traveling Youth Sports Teams, Individual Athletes and Competitors, Youth Groups and Clubs...LISTEN UP! We have great group accommodations for Parents & Kids with plenty of room to run off excess energy.


Located just minutes from Evergreen State Fair Grounds, where there is various events year round. Shows and Competitions including Equestrian, Auto, Demos, Trade Shows and of course the home of Western Washington's  Evergreen State Fair. 



You invest a lot of time and resources in the young athletes in your family. Zinntopia is a fantastic place for your travel team to stay during Tournament and Playoff events. Lots of activities for the kids, lots of comfort for the families, and lots of reasons to come stay at Zinntopia.

Equestrian Events

we are 2.2 miles from Evergreen State Fairgrounds Equestrian Park

Want to be refreshed and ready for your days of competition on the back of your animal? Consider Zinntopia as a perfect spot for you and your family to be more than comfortable...especially after all that time in the saddle.​

Regional Conferences & Conventions

The greater Seattle area plays host to faith-based conferences and more that are attending by youth from around the state. Zinntopia can be a unique, upscale option where your group can hang out, catch their breath and get truly rested before heading back to their event.

Pacific Northwest Professional Sports

Want to couple your tickets for VIP seats with accommodations to match? Zinntopia is just north of Seattle's professional sports. Enjoy the serenity of our campus before you journey downtown to the chaos and excitement of the sport.​ Uber in and out of traffic! enjoy the games and get outta there! 

Conveniently located just 30 - 45 minutes from Seattle in the quaint suburb of Monroe, WA, 98272.


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