Four Things You Can Do to Boost Millennial Employee Engagement at Your Company

Making the Workplace Millennial-Friendly

It’s official: Millennials are all grown up and have begun entering the workplace with new skills, traits, and preferences. Millennials have grown up in a time when technology is booming and practically anything you could want to know is at the tips of your fingers. Many millennials started learning about computers at an early age, giving them a chance to master skills such as programming and most were encouraged to think creatively throughout their education.

Keeping millennials around can be a trying task when, on average, they change jobs four times before age 32, but designing a work environment that appeals to these creative whiz kids could make them want to stay with your company.

Open Lines of Communication

Millennials tend to prefer being as informed as possible about what happens around them. Growing up with the ability to look up whatever they want within a few seconds, they usually want to know the reason behind decision-making and hear all the latest updates about things that pertain to them. For this reason, millennials typically don’t work well with traditional top-down management hierarchies. Instead, try to incorporate more group-focused collaborat

ions where everyone can speak and be heard.

Stay Socially Conscious

With increasing diversity in the United States, a growing global marketplace, and the threat of global climate change, millennials usually appreciate workplaces that embrace differences, stay involved in the community, and take great strides to make processes environmentally friendly. There has been a great deal of social reform since millennials came along, and most of them view progress as a movement toward more social inclusion and care for the greater good.

Being overly concerned with profits and outcomes could be a huge turn-off for many millennial employees. Develop a corporate culture of giving back to keep the millennials interested in the work you are doing.

Create an Inviting Work-space

Employees must come to the office almost every day, all day, so why not make it a welcoming environment? Turning the workplace into an inviting space does not mean you have to bring in pinball machines and basketball hoops, but putting some thought into the design shows that you care about the well-being of your employees beyond their production output.

Install standing desks or mobile workstations. Encourage teamwork and collaborative brainstorming among peers. Bring color and comfort into the design of the office. These elements are sure to make all employees happier about coming to work, especially millennials.

Plan Company Offsite or a fun packed Retreats

Millennials like mixing up the everyday routine and trying something out of the ordinary. They are motivated by acts of appreciation and recognition. Planning an out-of-town retreat for a group of hardworking employees is a fantastic way to display your gratitude for their hard work and place the team in a new environment to promote creative thinking. Bring employees to Zinntopia Rentals, Retreats & Events to treat them with a beautiful escape in the Cascade Mountains where they can clear their heads, change perspectives, and live luxuriously.

Retaining your millennial employees will be much easier if you take their needs and preferences into consideration. Be as transparent as possible, keep the greater good in mind, create a warm work environment, and treat employees to unique experiences to show your appreciation. Not only will this keep your millennial employees happy, it can help you attract more-qualified applicants to join your team.


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