The New twist on Pre-Wedding Festivities

Weddings present opportunities for gathering loved ones to celebrate your happiness and that of your spouse-to-be. From engagement parties and bridal showers to the bachelor and bachelorette parties, the traditional pre-wedding festivities open the way for the people you love to get to know each other.

Many couples plan retreats to replace traditional events as a chance for their families and friends to spend time together away from the distractions of everyday life. See how a pre-wedding retreat can bring you and your partner’s families together.

Choose Your Guest List Wisely

The first step to planning a pre-wedding retreat is to decide who will attend. Hosting a smaller gathering of only immediate family can help with forming bonds, but it could be slightly uncomfortable if your families are shy or don’t know each other well. Maybe you want to invite the whole family, including younger cousins or nephews and nieces. Perhaps the retreat is a chance for your wedding party to get to know each other as well. Consider your family and friends’ preferences and how they might interact to determine how many people to invite. You can always invite close family and invite everyone else for festivities.

Eat Meals Collectively

In almost any culture throughout the world, you will find that sharing meals together is a chance to bond. There is something about preparing food for others and eating alongside them that connects people. At your pre-wedding retreat, have set meal times and prepare a space to gather around food. Zinntopia has a full kitchen, and professional chef services are available. The dining room can accommodate large groups, or you can eat on the deck with the scenic backdrop of the Cascade Mountains.

Play Games Together

Games tend to get people out of their comfort zones and make them work together as a team. Bring out traditional board games like Monopoly or Trouble, try party classics like charades, or come up with your own wedding-themed games. If your guests are on the athletic side, take advantage of Zinntopia’s expansive grounds to play a round of soccer or football. Encourage everyone to participate and mix up the teams. When people work toward a common goal, even for silly reasons, it brings them closer together.

Get the Parents Involved

Throughout the entire pre-wedding retreat, find ways to get both sets of parents working together. Ask the moms to help with food preparation in the kitchen or have the dads set up the grill. You could even consider asking your parents to plan activities together. Find something your parents have in common, such as hiking, fishing, or gardening, and create a chance for them to engage in it together at the retreat. Give them opportunities to chat and get to know each other through a common purpose. have Parents bring Photos and Poster Board to sit and create story Boards for Reception Diner.

Holding a pre-wedding retreat can create lasting memories and strong family bonds. Weddings should be about bringing people closer together, and at Zinntopia, you can do just that. With plenty of space to play, cook, and gather, you can give your families plenty of opportunities to get to know each other through fun activities in a beautiful setting

Don't Forget the Furry Babies,

Our Pets are an important part of the family, why exclude them. include them in everything from your reunion Zinntopia is pet friendly, to the wedding ceremony.You would be surprised at how many people include their pets -- especially dogs -- in their weddings these days. Especially if it's an outdoor affair, it's an easy and fun thing to do. If your dogs mean a lot to you -- and they obviously do, if you want to include them on your big day -- there's nothing inappropriate about it. It's actually a great way for you to personalize your wedding.

Zinntopia works with Venues and Event Planners, we coordinate services to ensure everything goes off without a hitch, this is a Great Escape for Wedding Festivities without the rush oh hourly rentals like other spaces, all in one place, from Bachelor / Bachelorette weekends to the perfect place for the Co-ed Bridle Shower.

Zinntopia Estate is perfect for gathers friends and family, up to 75 guest for festivities and sleeps 8 - 24 Rehearsal Diner and photographs. we are here to make your event memorable. We are a great place to reserve for your out of town Guests.

Are you looking for ideas visit our pages from activities on filling your Bucket list- local Tourism to finding the perfect Vender under out Services page.

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