Seattle’s Technology Industry Is Booming

Exploring the Seattle Tech Boom

As the tech boom in San Francisco pushes housing prices up, many young tech employees are searching for employment elsewhere. Startups and established tech companies are latching on to this idea and taking their business north to Seattle. In the past few years, employment for tech jobs has grown substantially in the Seattle area. Snatching up young talent may be easy for many tech companies, but retaining that talent is often a challenge.

New Tech Companies Moving to the Seattle Area

Many new companies are getting their big breaks by opening offices in Seattle. Add3, a digital marketing agency, has doubled its employees and profits in just three years. Seattle Venture capital data subscription platform PitchBook has seen its company numbers increase by more than threefold in three years. Social media analytics service Simply Measured has seen almost a 1,300 percent revenue growth in three years and recently opened up 20 new positions. These new companies have inspired others to follow suit, and some of the big guys are coming in from California’s overcrowded Silicon Valley.

Established Companies Creating Seattle Engineering Sites

Seattle is already home to some of the largest tech companies including Microsoft and Amazon, and the great achievements of these companies contribute to the attraction for other tech companies. As young tech employees grow in their skills and experience, they are looking for mid-level career opportunities that don’t require them to move to the unfeasibly expensive Bay Area. Because of this, the Bay Area is coming to Seattle. Some of the biggest tech companies including Google and Facebook now have satellite offices in the Seattle area, competing for tech talent with smaller startups.

Large Employment Growth for Tech Jobs in Seattle

According to the Silicon Valley Competitiveness and Innovation Project, employment for Seattle tech companies doubled in the last decade. Four million square feet of new office space has been newly leased or constructed in Seattle, and the numbers continue to grow with each new startup. It doesn’t look like Seattle tech employment will be slowing any time soon, but it does look like tech jobs in the Seattle area will grow increasingly competitive.

Attracting the right candidates and retaining them will become more of a challenge for Seattle companies, so starting on the right foot with effective employee immersion is a must.

Welcome New Tech Employees With a Team-Building Retreat

Besides the booming tech industry, Seattle offers some of the best getaway spots in the country. Show new employees your excitement to work with them by hosting a team-building retreat at the Zinntopia estate. Escape to the Cascade Mountains and give new hires a taste of what’s in store for them at your company with a luxurious retreat just 30 minutes outside the city.

  • Focus on creative thinking by allowing employees to explore the natural grounds.

  • Utilize the Zinntopia catering services to provide delicious meals.

  • Collaborate in one of the many large gathering spaces.

  • Give new hires privacy with several smaller rooms.

The excitement of Seattle’s tech boom is attracting new talent to the area all the time. When you find the best employees for your growing business, show them you value what they have to offer with a new employee retreat at Zinntopia. This can help retain skilled employees and set your company above the rest of the competition in the job market.


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