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June 10, 2018

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Four Ways to Make the Wedding Experience More Welcoming to LGBTQ+ Guests

 Helping the LGBTQ+ Community Feel Welcome at Weddings

The definition of a wedding has evolved over the years. Now, with expanding social norms of what marriage means, couples are taking steps to see that every aspect of the ceremony and reception is welcoming to the LGBTQ+ community. Even if you are accepting of love in all forms, you may have guests or family traditions that are not. Make sure all your LGBTQ+ guests feel comfortable and have fun at your wedding with these tips.

Find an LGBTQ-Friendly Wedding Planner


When searching for a wedding planner, make a point to ask about views on same-sex marriages. Most wedding planners are fully supportive, but you may come across a few who are not. It will be better to know about your wedding planner’s views ahead of time before arranging your wedding with someone who is not concerned with making your LGBTQ+ guests comfortable.


Talk to Family Members About LGBTQ+ Guests



Some older wedding guests might have adverse reactions to same-sex couples or trans individuals at your wedding and say something unsavory. Give your family a heads up about what to expect from the guests at your wedding and advise them not to speak out against the personal lifestyle of others. If you think that it will be difficult to get through to any particular family members, plan your seating chart accordingly and let your LGBTQ+ guests know so they aren’t blindsided.


Clarify the Definition of “Plus One”


For an LGBTQ+ guest, returning a wedding RSVP can cause a bit of a dilemma. If they are unsure of your other guests’ views, filling in the “Plus One” section of the RSVP might not be an easy choice. Give all guests the option to bring whomever they want as their plus one to make it more welcoming to both those of the LGBTQ+ community and those without significant others.


Choose an All-Inclusive Location and Officiant


Despite the fact that same-sex marriages are legal in the United States, some churches and businesses don’t offer the love and inclusion they should. Even if you take great care to make your wedding inclusive for all guests, the staff at the facility where your wedding and reception are held might not. Check with the facility before booking to make sure all your guests will feel welcome. Additionally, some traditional language used in wedding ceremonies is exclusive to heterosexual couples. Check with the officiant to guarantee there won’t be any language that is offensive.



The day of your wedding should be full of happy memories for all. It is a chance for loved ones to bear witness to your union, but it is also an opportunity to share your love with others. Remember to be conscious of LGBTQ+ guests at every step of the wedding planning process to give everyone the welcome he or she deserves. Zinntopia estate is happy to accommodate same-sex marriages and couples with LGBTQ+ guests. The staff does not discriminate against people and only wants your special day to go as smoothly as possible.


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